Amadeus and Routehappy by ATPCO partner to bring flight shopping to life for travelers across the world Agreement sees targeted Routehappy airline rich content integrated with the Amadeus system
Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Agreement sees targeted Routehappy airline rich content integrated with the
Amadeus system
Vilvoorde, 12 February, 2018 —When buying any product online, it’s expected that you will see
what you are getting. Currently that isn’t always the case when booking a flight. Often you see
information that relates only to price and schedule. Now imagine booking a long-haul flight
and being able to see what type of seat you will have, the cabin and amenities you’ll receive
during the flight or deciding whether you want to add lounge access based on photos of the
facilities or upgrading your flight to a premium seat.
This is the logic underpinning a partnership between Amadeus and Routehappy by ATPCO, the
industry standard for airline rich content. The move sees Routehappy’s rich content integrated
with the Amadeus system enabling airlines to display product differentiators through multiple
Amadeus channels. Routehappy hosted content includes Universal Product Attributes (UPAs)
which include headlines, descriptions, and photos.

Travelers and travel sellers alike will have the opportunity to benefit from the comprehensive
content through a range of Amadeus solutions such as Selling Platform Connect. Online Travel
Agencies (OTAs) will also be able to access airlines’ rich content through the Amadeus Web
Services - displaying it directly to travelers, via a redistribution agreement, a first of its kind for
Routehappy by ATPCO.
“Amadeus and Routehappy together unleash a vast opportunity to help airlines better
differentiate their products in travel agencies and OTAs all over the world,” said Robert Albert,
CEO of Routehappy by ATPCO. “Our mission is to differentiate and better monetize flight
shopping. We’re platform, channel and delivery agnostic to help airlines differentiate in all
sales channels direct and indirect, so our Amadeus partnership is a huge step forward in
reaching distribution ubiquity for airlines. We’re excited to work closely with Amadeus to
further improve flight shopping together.”
“Our Routehappy partnership forms part of our growing suite of merchandising capabilities for
airlines and travel sellers,” said Decius Valmorbida, Senior VP Travel Channels at Amadeus.
“Photos, videos and descriptors help drive conversion and differentiation for airlines, but also
mean agents can deliver a more comprehensive service and experience to their customers.
Travelers are seeking enhanced ways to compare travel provider offers and we believe rich
content helps to meet this need. Routehappy has already seen great traction with over 65
customers including major carriers like United, Avianca and Turkish Airlines so it is a natural

The integration of Routehappy’s rich content with the Amadeus system will be completed
during the course of this year and will complement Amadeus’ existing content and
merchandising capabilities already provided to airlines and travel sellers

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