Brussels Airport sets new February record; more than 1.6 million passengers
Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Brussels Airport received more than 1.6 million travellers in February 2018, an increase of 5.4% compared to the same month the previous year and a continuation of the growth in the last months of 2017. Cargo traffic at Brussels Airport has also increased. Indeed, flown and trucked cargo grew by 0.8% against the same month last year.


Brussels Airport welcomed 1,648,874 passengers in February. That is a growth of 5.4% compared to last February and confirms the growth already recorded in the previous year. Both the number of originating passengers (+ 2.6%) and, in particular, the number of transfer passengers (+ 10.4%) increased against the same month in 2017. The growth in transfer passenger volumes is mainly driven by Brussels Airlines.

This hefty growth in transfer passenger volumes demonstrates Brussels Airport’s increasing importance as a Star Alliance hub and as a transfer airport for Brussels Airlines and other members of this alliance.

The strongest growth was recorded by Brussels Airlines and in the long-haul segment. Long-haul traffic is growing among other things by virtue of a second daily flight from Emirates to Dubai, the restart of Delta Air Lines to Atlanta and the new Hainan Airlines flight to Shanghai

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