Travelers deserve variety and transparency no matter where they book
Thursday, October 11, 2018

A common denominator for all successful businesses is customer focus. For Amadeus, we believe this means not only focusing on our travel industry customers, but also putting their customers, the travelers, at the heart of everything we do.


This helps us power better, more rewarding journeys. With this at top of mind, we believe it is not in the interest of travelers, travel sellers or airlines, to limit offers to one particular channel or discriminate one channel versus another.

Giving travelers a consistent and transparent experience

Travelers today use a variety of channels and devices. They are looking for a consistent, transparent experience across all of them. To offer this, we are evolving our Amadeus Travel Platform to aggregate all relevant content – including air, hotel, car, and insurance – from any source (traditional GDS (Edifact), NDC, and APIs) to be distributed via any channel or device, allowing comparisons and bookings to happen in a uniform and transparent way.

Driving NDC adoption in the travel industry

We have created NDC-X, a dedicated program to drive the industrialization of NDC  and ensure global adoption by all players. We are working closely with a wide range of travel sellers and airlines to build NDC-enabled solutions that can be deployed on an industrial scale. Through these solutions, airlines can sell their offers to travel sellers around the world, and travel sellers can shop, order and pay for flights and related services, in addition to servicing bookings, using the NDC standard.

Integrating NDC content in the Amadeus Travel Platform


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