Millennial and GenZ travellers spending more, experiencing life as a local
Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Forget clubbing, couch-surfing, and selfie sticks. The 2018 ITB Berlin Youth Travel Hall (4.1) showed off what the youth travel market is really about - experiential and immersive travel for key players in tourism for development.

From the Hall 4.1 Main Stage, the World Youth and Student Educational (WYSE) Travel Confederation delivered insights from the New Horizons Survey. The survey of 57,000 travellers ages 18-35 worldwide offers the industry's most comprehensive look into youth and student travellers.

Youth accounted for at least 23% of the 1.3 billion international arrivals in 2017. Since WYSE Travel Confederation first conducted the New Horizons Survey in 2002, average youth trip spend has more than doubled. According to WYSE Travel Confederation estimates, youth generated about $280 billion in tourism receipts in 2016.

Young travellers tend to stay longer and spend more than a typical, traditional tourist. While in the destination, they  prefer visiting cafes and restaurants, historical sites, and shopping. The concept of ‘living like a local’ also surged ahead from 2012, with more than half of respondents (51%) now indicating this is a desired activity

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