Blockchain and artificial intelligence—hype or help for travel programs?
Friday, October 12, 2018

The consumerization of corporate travel means employees are often at the front lines of technology adoption for their firms. That’s why talk about blockchain and artificial intelligence isn’t hype, BCD Travel’s Miriam Moscovici recently told industry publication PYMNTS.

“In the business travel space, our customers and travelers are born in the consumer market,” said Moscovici, director of emerging technologies for the travel management company. “Their appetite is ripe for the consumer experience in travel. We think it’s not so much about them shifting to one [technology] over another; it’s about them having the choice to execute their desired interaction.”

The ways technology innovations are reshaping business travel is at the core of a six-report series BCD is publishing over the next few months. The first Inform report, on digital trends in sourcing, was published in August. In it, the travel management company’s researchers—led by Moscovici—examine the ways blockchain, AI and other tools are having an impact on how companies are selecting suppliers and products, as well as managing pricing, contracting and payments.

Want to use new technologies to source smarter? Learn how in the latest BCD Travel Inform report. Plus, discover how BCD’s SolutionSource® platform enables client innovation

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