Brussels Airlines does no longer publish separate traffic figures
Friday, October 12, 2018

Some of you wondered why the traffic figures of Brussels Airlines were not published on the same day as those of the Lufthansa Group as a whole, Austrian Airlines and SWISS International Airlines on 10 October. In previous months, Brussels Airlines always issued its monthly statistics on the same day as the other airlines of the Lufthansa Group. asked the question to Brussels Airlines and got the following reply: “From now on, the Brussels Airlines figures, which are integrated in those of the Eurowings Group, will be published exclusively by Lufthansa. There will no longer be a split by company, but only the aggregated figures of the Eurowings Group.

This is a pity, because, as already mentioned in our forum, the September figures of Brussels Airlines are good: +8.6% compared to September 2017, with a load factor growing to 83.9% (compared to 82.6% in September 2017). This is much more than the 2% growth of Brussels Airport and shows that the market share of Brussels Airlines at Brussels keeps growing, month after month.

Furthermore, the absence of separate statistics for Brussels Airlines prevents the disclosure of performance by markets (Europe, Africa, Asia, North America) and by category (passengers, freight, movements).





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