L’UE veut étudier l’intermodalité en Europe
Monday, July 29, 2013
La Commission européenne veut un espace de trafic unifié en Europe
Le consortium All Way Travelling a reçu pour mission de la Commission européenne de développer et valider un système multimodal paneuropéen d'information pour les passagers et de réservation. Au sein du consortium, on retrouve Amadeus, le prestataire IT hollando-begle Bene Rail, IATA, Thales, l'association ferroviaire Unife et l'Université Zeppelin.
Dans une première phase, All Way Travelling va produire une étude sur le ... read_more
Touch and go: EU wants 'intelligent' transport systems
Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Travelling across Europe by rail, coach or other services would become easier if EU national governments would do a better job of sharing information and using technology to improve trip planning, said EU officials trying to spur transport efficiency.

Transport and communications ministers meeting in Nicosia this week discussed the EU's progress on mobilising intelligent transport systems, or ITS, to remove some of the frustrations regularly faced by travellers.

Such hassles include ... read_more
EU to unveil 'core' transport network in September
Friday, July 15, 2011
The commission approach could create fast lanes and slow lanes on the European grid
Getting from A to B in the European Union is not particularly easy. It can involve a swathe of transport modes, varying levels of service quality, good old congestion and many more kilometres than the crow flies.

Its largest airports are not directly connected. Its busiest ports are not backed up by efficient infrastructure for goods distribution, and super fast rail travel in one member state often stops ... read_more
Multi-modal transport: Study on integrated ticketing for EU passenger transport
Friday, July 1, 2011
The EP has mandated a study on integrated ticketing for EU passenger transport, looking in particular at rail-rail and air-rail ticketing. ECTAA has been invited to provide input to this study, which is aimed at proving the EP with a comprehensive view of the current and future developments in this area read_more
Multi-modal transport: European multi-modal journey planner
Friday, July 1, 2011
The Commission is giving high priority to the development of a European Multi-modal Journey Planner (EMMJP), which would allow people to plan a journey door-to-door in one click. The interim results of the study on the vision and feasibility of the development of an EMMJP has shown that there are still a number of technical, organizational and legal barriers of such a tool. read_more